Friday, November 13, 2015

I love sewing...

I love sewing, crocheting, embroidering, anything with a needle or hook. 


I follow the instructions, pay attention to details and correct mistakes by starting over when necessary.

What if life were like that? It certainly hasn't been lately.

Scripture, Church teachings, and spiritual writings--these are my instructions. I pray over them and follow them as well as I can.


The details around me have my almost undivided attention: 

my husband and family, my friends and even strangers who cross my path. They receive from me the care and dignity that is their birthright as children made in the image of God.

When I make mistakes, and I do, my priority is to repair any harm I cause.

I unravel sometimes, rip out bad stitching. Then I go back to the instructions and start again. 

Sewing produces a product, more or less as the pattern promises. 

Life doesn’t always do this. Winds whip away designs as I begin to admire their shape. Thieves of time or tragedy transform beauty to dust in a thunderclap or an excruciating slow-motion rumble. No amount of desire can undo or repair the damage.


I know how to sew, to crochet and to embroider. 

I don't know how to live a precarious life, not even after over fifty years of practice. However, with help of the ultimate designer, I will continue to study and learn. 

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