Thursday, September 8, 2016

Packing Hacks: Don't Leave Home without These Tips

Traveling can be fabulous with new adventures to experience, new sights to see. Leaving home can also be stressful if needed items don't leave home with you. I love to travel, and I love to be organized. Here are a few tips to help your next trip go more smoothly.


An app for all occasions: PacktheBag

This handy tool can be customized, and you can create a list for different types of travel. I have an Austin FB Weekend and a Weekend Retreat, among others. List items can be copied or deleted and can be checked off as you tuck them away.

Keep duplicate shampoo, soap, toothpaste, etc. packed in a small bag ready to go.

I feel secure knowing that all my personal items are ready to go at a moment's notice even though I never actually go anywhere at a moment's notice. This saves me hunting down all the small details each time. Remember to check the latest information on carry-on regulations if you're flying. I never trust my necessities to checked baggage.


Pack by day rather than by item.

The best way to have everything needed for an occasion is to pack the total outfit at once: clothing, shoes, accessories, jewelry. Then stack each day's clothing with the first day on top. This especially helped on our ten-day, four-hotel tour of Italy.


Pack a garishly colorful item to mark your charger cables.

Mine is a hot pink acrylic charger shelf that hangs over the plug, but even a purple hair tie will do. The idea is to keep the charger cord from blending into the furnishings. I bought several new cords before I began this practice. I haven't left one behind since.

Ordering Details

Include a three-to-one outlet adaptor for your bedside plug.

Hotels often have one or fewer outlets at bedside. An adaptor can turn one into three, allowing room for the phone charger.

Ordering Details

Take a chip clip or clothespin for the hotel curtains.

The gap between curtains in hotel rooms is almost a given. Whether you need extra privacy or darkness for sleeping in, a little clip makes life much better.

I hope these little hints help. Please share yours with me. Happy trails!

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